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Dr Peter Pease is the founder of Peter Pease – Business Psychology and since 1987 his companies have helped more than 100,000 people improve their performance and achieve their potential. Dr Peter Pease has more than 30 years’ experience in designing, developing and executing development programmes which deliver measurable results.

Peter has always been fascinated by how we measure the impact of what we do. Even his undergraduate dissertation was all about how we could narrow the research practice divide (long before it was called that), and he ran his first courses on training evaluation 30 years ago. He has spent much of his career designing and delivering learning programmes which have measurable business improvement built in.

Peter set up his first business after graduating from Durham University with a degree in Psychology and Business and over a period of 25 years grew his people services business from start up to $50m with no external investment.

Peter sold his previous business in 2011 and since then has worked part-time researching Entrepreneurship Psychology, sales performance learning journeys and psychological capital at Newcastle Business School, as well as running an innovative group coaching programme for students setting up businesses.

Peter is passionate about his business helping Learning and Talent Development Leaders to have more impact. He focuses on researching best practices in Measurement and Evaluation and we share the results of that with our members.
We provide advisory services and conduct external evaluation exercises both of individual projects and whole L&D functions.
Our main aim is to help Learning and Development Leaders to be able to design and deliver their own continuous measurement and improvement programmes.


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