Do you need to improve your analytics, measurement & evaluation?

We've been helping Learning and Development Professionals for more than 30 years

We launched our L&D Business Analyst Programme in September 2023. It is transforming the way L&D integrates Measurement, Analytics, ROI, Learning Technology, Stakeholder Engagement helping you deliver Data Driven, Evidence Based, Agile Learning.

Learning & Development Business Analyst

The programme lasts 12 - 18 months and includes a combination of group coaching, knowledge and skills training, 1:1 consultancy, masterclasses from some of the world's leading experts, audit of current measurement / data / analytics and much more.

By the end of this programme:

- You and your stakeholders will have the data to make evidence based decisions about L&D
- Lengthy surveys will be replaced by ongoing data capture
- Measurement and evaluation will be embedded in programmes
- Data analysis will be automated so evaluation takes less time
- Better alignment with company strategy

- Predictive modelling / linking L&D with success measures
- C level / budget setters will understand that L&D delivers value for money

- You will be a qualified Learning Business Analyst

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Measurement and Evaluation Challenges

  • 95% of L&D agree “We need to improve our evaluation”
  • 70% of CFOs do not think L&D delivers value for money
  • In excess of 50% of L&D expenditure is wasted or scrap
  • Stakeholders are flying blind – they have to make decisions without evidence.  Different stakeholders need different data. (Budget setters, L&D managers, line managers)
  • We lack of time to do proper analysis
  • Different types of L&D have different challenges: Compliance, Onboarding, Business Growth, Leadership, Productivity, Technical… One size does not fit all
  • Overwhelm of learning system data that does not provide the right information
  • Myriad of systems with fundamentally different approaches.  Lack of integration between systems
  • We need to start measuring impact on ESG / DEI etc (i.e. more than money)
  • Even people who get trained how to calculate L&D ROI still don’t do it
  • Box ticking – e.g. compliance training that has no impact on behaviour
  • The current models are simplistic and not fit for purpose

“It felt very open and friendly. It’s great to share like-minded ideas/thoughts/challenges with others in our profession.  I enjoyed chatting to other delegates in the breakout rooms (time flew by so fast though)."

"Thank you for a very thoughtful and knowledge rich session”


"Amazing session, so good to get new ideas and validations!"